Concrete and Concrete Staining Workshop
At Rancho de Caldera, Chiriqui
Friday August 22nd and Friday August 29th

Concrete is used widely in Panama for all construction. Concrete is also a great medium for crafts and artwork. In this workshop we will learn how to mix concrete, do repello, make concrete stepping stones with various designs and patterns, acid stain concrete, and color concrete with dyes. The techniques we use in making the stepping stones can be applied to any concrete work.

For acid stain we will be using most of the colors from Direct Colors Inc. This is a great company ( ) and they are willing to ship their stains dry (without the acid or the water). Then we add the acid and water here. This saves huge on the shipping charges, without the acid it is safe and without the water it is very lightweight. We will be placing an order with Direct Colors at the end of the workshop so if you want to get some stains you can order it then.

The workshop will be from 9am to Noon with a break for lunch and then hands on work after lunch, on Friday August 22nd and Friday August 29th. In the afternoon you can work on your projects, and when finished you may enjoy a swim in the pool if you wish.

The days are one week apart to allow some drying time for our concrete work.

Day 1 – August 22nd Working with concrete and mortar

  • What tools you need for working with concrete – The tools needed to do acid staining.
  • Safety procedures for concrete and acid staining
  • How to properly mix concrete and mortar including the common formulas and some of the additives used in concrete.
  • Adding powdered color to your concrete
  • How to do Repello and each person will do a little repello on a wall we have. You will learn the technique for repello, however to become good at repello requires practice.
  • Making molds for concrete
  • Arranging leafs for pleasing patterns
  • Each person will make several 1 ft sq tiles with leaf patterns and other inlays which we will use on the second day to learn staining.

Day 2 – August 29th Concrete acid staining and Ferro cement work

  • We will do Ferro cement on day 2. Ferro cement is doing cement work over thin metal. Commonly used for concrete counter tops. Using Ferro cement you can make almost any shape in concrete.
  • Preparing the metal, using rebar to support different shapes.
  • Scratch coating the the metal and finish repello
  • Safety precautions for working with acid.
  • Mixing the stain
  • Preparing the concrete for staining
  • Working with old concrete and new concrete
  • Different methods of application
  • Making patterns with the stain
  • Using acrylic colors to fix areas that don¹t take or to add accent to the staining.
  • Sealing the concrete after staining
  • Waxing the concrete
  • We will watch a video on concrete staining.
  • You will be able to see an acid stained house floor and an acid stained driveway.

The cost for this 2-day workshop is $85 including all materials and lunch on both days. If you wish to only come for one day, you can, the cost is $50. This includes materials (cement, sand, dry concrete dyes, acid stains,stained glass pieces and shells) and the use of our tools, molds, etc. Also you may return on Saturday Aug 23rd to make some more tiles. We will have several masks available to share for working with the acid but if you have a cartridge mask (for paint spraying/insecticides) bring it and any concrete tools you have. When working with cement it is very rewarding and fun to “get in there” using your hands to mix the concrete and thus feel thetexture. So if you have them bring rubber gloves.

The teacher for this workshop will be Chris McCall, Victor Fuentes and Priscilla Jones. Chris and Victor have been doing construction for many years, Priscilla has been working in cement doing bowls, tiles and decorative art for a number of years.

This workshop is open to women and men.

You will leave the workshop with new knowledge and some useful tiles that you can be proud of, plus the satisfaction of having done something creative.

Please email your reservation to Chris McCall – Remember if you have to cancel please, please let us know. We are limiting the size of this class so there will be a waiting list.