The Coronado Social Association (CSA) is organizing a Christmas Craft and Bake Sale on November 8th at the Coronado Golf Club. This sale will be open to the general public. The object of the sale is to raise funds for various charities supported by the Coronado Social Association as well as participant selected charities.

We are presently looking for vendors to fill our tables with a variety of goods. There are three categories:

– Non Profit Organizations – No cost for the table (Please indicate the name of the organization)
– Profit: A cost of $20 or $25 per table (depending on the total amount of tables sold)
– Donations: Donations will be accepted to be sold at the tables manned by a CSA member – all proceeds will go directly to the CSA for future projects.

To reserve a table, email or call at 650-15423 with the following information:

Full name, telephone number, category (non-profit, profit or donation) and description of your craft.

All the Christmas events and parties will be listed on Panama Social Calendar as we get closer to December :-)