Mejorana Festival | Los Santos | September 23 – 28

Hundreds of musicians, dancers and artisans will meet at the “Mejorana Festival” in Guararé, Los Santos province for one of the most important events of the region. This festival begins on Tuesday, September 23 with a procession through the town at 7:00 p.m. and the celebration ends on Sunday 28. The dates coincide with the patron saint festivities of “Virgen de las Mercedes”.

The “mejoranera” is the musical instrument from which the festival takes its name. It is a type of guitar, smaller than the Spanish version and usually manufactured in the workshops of the town. It only has four strings.

The queen of the festival will be crowned on Wednesday, September 24, 8 p.m. She will preside with her court over the festivities that include a Mejorana playing competition on Thursday evening as well as accordion and drum competitions for all ages. Troupes of dancers from all parts of the country will execute regional dances and try to win the “Lorenzo Lencho Vergara” competition.

Other activities: on September 26: the Parade of the Carriages, bullfight, “Atolladero” mud fight.

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