WHERE: Hotel Fundadores
WHEN: Every Tuesday from 10:30am to Noon
COST: $1.00 per person to cover the room rental and coffee

October 7, 2008
The banking presentation will be made at a later date. We have another speaker and will have that information next week.

October 14, 2008
Intracorp was the consulting company for the revised ABID (Association for Boquete Integral Development) plan just finish. The plan is what is call POTADU (Plan to Sort Territory ,Environment and Urban Development of the Boquete Municipal). Now the civil society and the Municipality are responsible for the implementation of the plan.

This presentation will be presented by the mayor from the Municipality (and perhaps others) and Rodrigo Marciacq from ADIB as the civil society. The presentation will be short and the floor will be open for questions.

The idea is to get input from the audience of areas of interest regarding the plan, to provide more information about the content of the plan, and to advise how the foreign community in Boquete can be involved.

October21, 2008
Dr. Alan Handt will speak about the mission and their purpose here in Boquete and in the comarca.

I will give an update on the programs and projects available. I will also likely talk about education. The mission consists of the following programs at this time.

Clothing ministry, food ministry, Bible Institute, construction, farming, medical/dental, Boquete church services in Spanish on Sunday morning, and Boquete church services in English on Sunday evening, dormitory for young ladies, school program, benevolence, transportation, Mission Coffee, Saturday morning Bible Study in English and Spanish, obreros in the comarca and the churches there, hosting short term mission trips, VBS programs. I will likely pick on of these topics such as the Bible Institute and our purpose for training the pastors, but if you need more specifics, let me know.

October 28, 2008
General Coordinator, Dra. María Elisa Ruiz, will be our speaker. The directive board will be present in support of this meeting.

This is a great opportunity for participants in building a community, to face the challenges of macro changes. Boquete is a community that provides the perfect scenario for understanding the values and resources that must be kept for future generations to enjoy. In this presentation, ADIB will present the development of activities at this level and the future activities Boqueteños are involved in.